Milan Review

After two weeks spent in Milan during one of the most important design happening in the world, we could definitely state that the experience we had has been nice and worth the effort! We would like to thank everyone who participated to the Street Art Walking Tour we performed on saturday, April 16th, as well as our guides. We look forward to expand the experience further. A complete report over the experience will be soon available at

Walls of Milano explains the work of Orticanoodles

Ozmo explains his work

Everyone is listening to 2501

Walls of Milano shows hidden typography in the work of ZEDZ

Walls of Milano and Ozmo together

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Street Art Walking Tour

Saturday April 16th, at 2.00 p.m., together with Walls Of Milano, we are going to start a walking tour of local street art from cavalcavia Eugenio Bussa. We are going to meet right in front of the panel explaining our work. Some of the artists will be guiding us through their projects (Ozmo and Zibe are confirmed). You are all welcome to take part to the experience, just confirm your presence writing us at thegcanyon[at]

See more about the project

Sneak Peek

During the previous days, we went to hang the panels describing how some of the most relevant works of street art, in the areas dedicated to Public Design Festival, in Milan, were made. Have a look to what you’ll find around the city.

Update! All City Art available for free download till the 16th of April!

Kayce and Marcus at All City Art are really pushing up this project and doing great effort to create a special re-skin of the app specifically for the event. So we strongly encourage you to get the app during the first four days of Public Design Festival (12th to 16th of April), when it will be free for download!

A Catalogue of Street Art Techniques on Il Sole 24 Ore

Yesterday our project was featured in the italian newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore. We are very glad for the interest that Michela Finizio has shown on our work!

Have a look to the online version of the article (in italian):

Sunday 03.04.11 Updates

Friday we had an interview related to our project with a journalist from the italian newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore. It was nice to see someone interested in our work, we will for sure publish and/or link whatever comes out from that little chat.

We are having bureaucratic problems because of the panels we should put beside the artworks: it is not easy to have permits (many buildings are private and the owner cannot be found, others are public and that’s even worst) so I guess we are just going to hang them the best that we can, trying not to damage anything.

It would be beautiful to organize some street art guided tours during the time of the event. We are therefore looking for local professionals. Anybody who is willing to contribute (or interested in the tours) can join the discussion in the flickr pool of the project, or just email us at thegcanyon[at]

The website of our project,, will soon feature all its content in english, we are busy with the translation right now.

We are also thinking in making a booklet as a collector of all the contents we have found till now. Anybody who may be interested in having a copy can just drop us an email.

Bomb da Elephant. YO.

Bomb da Elephant. YO.

Dear Street Artist…

Dear Street Artist…

A Catalogue of Street Art Techniques has started!

A Catalogue of Street Art Techniques is a prototype of open source platform for sharing knowledge over Street Art, curated by The G. Canyon in a Crack.

The project will have its first test during the 3rd edition of Public Design Festival, organized in Milan form the 12th to the 17th of April 2011.

A Catalogue of Street Art Techniques will provide to the visitors an open navigation system, as well as references and informations over the realization of some notable artworks, both available at

The project will concentrate on the areas where Public Design Festival will take place, with the purpose of presenting the works of artists that act everyday in our public space, in order to create an interactive, open air museum. A Catalogue of Street Art Techniques aims to use its instruments to work in the context of the city, in order to valorize what is already present rather than creating what lacks.

Thanks to a group of technological partners, the project will provide free access to a worldwide database of Street Art in the days of the Public Design Festival, through an iPhone-based app named All City Street Art. The database is open and fully customizable and will include all the artworks featured in the project.

This platform has been open with the purpose of intercepting any comment and/or suggestion from anybody who is interested in joining the project, as well as proposals and opinions over the experience that will be held during the days of the Public Design Festival. We strongly encourage you to join the discussion in our flickr page.

A Catalogue of Street Art Techniques Flickr group is open to the contribution of everybody. Posting a geo-tagged photo to this group will help us increase the range of our experiment and open the perspective of a future evolution for the project.

In the moment of posting a new photo to the pool, please be sure to include information over the author, as well as the technique (if you have any doubt, please refer to one of the pictures already present in the pool or visit our blog